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Self Storage Packing Supplies

Packing your items for a self storage unit doesn't have to be a daunting task. Don't let the stress of packing get to you. With early planning, you'll be sure to experience a carefree... move. The bullet items below outline some useful packing tips that can help you save money, time, and your possessions.

  • Disassemble anything you can. This helps save space.

  • Label every box with its contents, the date and the room it came from.

  • Mark boxes with breakables as "fragile."

  • Use bubble wrap and/or newspaper to wrap fragile items.

  • Put Styrofoam peanuts in boxes before you put in your breakables.

  • Placing smaller boxes in larger boxes. This will help you make fewer trips.

  • Remove wheels from everything with wheels to save on space.

  • Tape nuts and bolts to the piece of furniture it belongs to. This will help you say better organized.

  • Mark heavier boxes with their weight to avoid injury.

  • Make sure all boxes are completely sealed.

  • Pack a separate "emergency" box with things you'll need during the move.

Moving Your Items to Self Storage..
  • Avoid using plastic garbage bags as a storage container. Plastic bags can promote mildew.

  • Store longer items vertically.

  • Store glass and mirrors between mattresses. this will cushion and protect the mirrors.

  • Place heavier items to the bottom and smaller and lighter things on top.

  • Start moving items to the back of the unit. Utilize the front area for odd shaped objects.

  • Stack chairs on top of each other when possible.

  • Group similar items together, keep room specific boxes together when possible

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